Solutions -

Biz CAM service included the following components:

1. Portal

By means of the portal, as a result of the authentication with username and password, you can track, at a centralized level, all the equipments installed as Biz Cam service, per each location. They can be accessed by simply pressing the button with the name of that respective camera (with the possibility of modifying its name later). The button represents the name and status of your camera (online / offline).

By means of a double authentication in the web interface of your IP camera, you can view the video IP stream sent by the IP camera (ROMTELECOM does not have access to audio-video stream of the cameras installed in your premises).

2. IP Camera

The equipment offered by ROMTELECOM has the following technical specifications:

  • Pan/Tilt mobility (pan/tilt - the position of the camera can be modified remotely <up-down, left- right>);
  • M-JPEG and H.264 compression for optimizing the Internet connection;
  • Motion Detection;;
  • Possibility of recording the video and audio streams;
  • Maximum video resolution 640x480 @30fps with the possibility of changing the resolution and the occupied bandwidth;
  • Dual Streaming (it allows simultaneous access from a mobile phone with a resolution chosen by the customer);
  • Night vision 0 Lux;
  • 5m of power cable;

Supported operating systems: Microsoft Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista, Mac / by using IE, Safari and Firefox browser

3. Equipments Installations

Service installation is free-of-charge and will be made in accordance with the following limitations:

  • Installing the cabling service using an UTP cable Cat 5E of maximum 24 m and PVC cable channel of maximum 22 m.
  • IP camera power ( the customer agrees to provide a 220V socket within 5 m of the location the camera is installed);
  • The camera/cameras are mounted indoors since they are indoor IP cameras only;
  • The installation and configuration of all the equipments (IP cameras/switch/router/modem) are offered free-of-charge.

4. Service Limitations

The service can be supplied only to business customers who have connectivity services from ROMTELECOM.

5. Terms and Conditions

PThe manufacturer of the IP camera certifies the fact that Romtelecom has no access to the customer' audio and video stream. ROMTELECOM has access only to the setting regarding the maximum level of the video quality allowed for the type of Internet subscription from the customer's location and access to reset the passwords if they are forgotten by the customers.

The decision to use the equipments is entirely yours, also, you are the one who sets the specific purposes for which you use the equipments so that you are the only one who is responsible for using the equipments for the purposes you set and as well for respecting the law in force regarding the use of certain equipments such as the equipments used for the intended purposes.

In this respect, your are the only one who is responsible for fulfilling the formalities and other steps that would be required, by law, to install the equipment in an area where the public has access and to use the equipment to record images, data, including informing people with access to the spaces that are found within the equipment covering range as far as it concerns the existence of the equipment and the rights these persons have in relation to the recordings you made.

The location for installing the equipments will be decided entirely by you.

6. Note:

Biz CAM service is not a security type of service and is not regulated by law no. 333/2003.